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Weekly Mowing Services

Our professional mowing services keep your grass the right height and looking lush all season long. Complete with trimming near obstacles, edging sidewalks, beds, and drives, blowing clippings off the sidewalks and driveway and striping your turf to give it that freshly mowed patterned look. Lawn Dogs has been in business for 25 years, keeping lawns looking great since 2000. We offer weekly and bi-weekly mowing depending on how often your lawn needs service.

Mowing pricing starts at $40.00 per week. Pricing may vary depending on size, terrain, amount of edging and obstacles.

We understand that curb appeal and a great looking lawn adds value to your home, business or residence, not only monetarily, but also in attitude and the amount of pride you personally have in it. That’s why we are invested in doing our best to get you lawn looking its best.


Aeration & Fertilization


Aeration, Fertilization & Power Raking or 2 hours cleanup

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