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Spring Activation(Sprinkler Turn-ons)

We will turn on your water to the system, go through all of the zones on your control box to make sure everything is running correctly, recommend and fix problems that are found, and finally, set the system to run at ideal times and for maximum efficiency.

Fall Deactivation(Sprinkler Blowouts)

In the fall, we can get your sprinkler system blown out before the freeze arrives. All the water gets turned off to the system and all the zones and lines get blown out so there is less of a chance that pipes and your backflow will crack over the winter. This is a highly recommended service as anything involving water can really do damage to your home and be pricey to get fixed after the fact.

Assessment and Repair

We can do system checks to assess what kind of shape your sprinklers are in and recommend any work that may need to be done. We can fix most things we run into as far as solenoids, cracked pipes, cracked backflows, and broken heads go. * We do not currently install complete sprinkler systems at this time.

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