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Incorporate our Denver Lawn Care Services in to your Lawn Care Package

Aerate/Fertilize: Denver's dry, desert climate is tough on your lawn. Give your grass room to breathe and allow it to grow deeper in to the soil, strengethening it to deal with Denver heat and dry spells through aerating & fertilizing. Fertilize to restore the soil's optimal, healthiest balance to support your grass .Lawn Dogs recommends fertilizing and aerating together to allow the fertilizer to most effectively penetrate the soil.

Roto Till: Stir up and revitalize soil to prepare for planting. For best results for starting a garden or preparing for sod, ask us to till in new fresh soil to your Denver lawn or garden.

Power Rake: Get rid of the stamped mess of dead grass in the spring by power raking your Denver lawn. Allow the lawn the space it needs to soak up nutrients from the soil, revitalize in the sun and with water.

Weed Control: Weeds in the grass? How about in the rocks or mulch? Everywhere? Let Lawn Dogs assist you with getting rid of those pestering weeds to let your Denver lawn shine.

Bush/Tree Trim: Keep your bushes rounded or squared and your trees trimmed as the finishing touch to your beautiful Denver lawn.

Leaf Clean Up: Give your grass room to breathe - Let Lawn Dogs clean up those pesky leaves to keep your lawn looking great throughout the Denver fall. One time, weekly, and bi-weekly yard clean up service available.

*One time service for any or all services available.